Introduce Universal Citizenship: Bolivian President Evo Morales

Bolivian President Evo Morales believes that the problem of illegal immigration should be solved by introducing a single or “universal” citizenship for all the inhabitants of the Earth. He made a corresponding statement on Tuesday, speaking in the framework of general political discussion at the UN General Assembly.

“Bolivia condemns the construction of the walls and the development of laws aimed at making migration a crime by proposing the creation of universal citizenship.The origins of the current social and migration crisis – in the world order, which, for the sake of profit and consumption, provoke violence, and destroys the mother earth.You can not hold the migrant responsible for the economic crisis or instability, “Morales said.

According to him, one should not allow migrants to be treated as criminals. “No migrant is illegal, some governments are not trying to get rid of the structural causes of this phenomenon – wars, the consequences of climate change or economic asymmetry between states, but only announce new restrictions in their migration policies, mass deportations and construction of walls,” added President of Bolivia.

“Let me again urge you to conclude a universal pact that would become a bridge to such a coveted universal citizenship, so there are no categories, there is no difference between citizens of any country and foreigners.” We are all people and children of Mother Earth, – considers Morales.