Biden’s Beast vs Putin’s Aurus Senat: US-Russia Rivalry Gets Extended To Their Presidential Limos

US President Joe Biden’s ‘Beast’ and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Aurus Senat are counted among the safest cars in the world. Both models – Beats and Aurus Senat have an in-built command center and top-notch safety features to protect the leaders from bad to the worst adversaries.

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The historic Geneva summit held on June 16th between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin had more to it than just the meeting of the world’s two most powerful men.

The world leaders arrived in style, in their respective Presidential motorcades consisting of Biden’s $1.5 million Cadillac One and Putin’s Kremlin-made luxury limousine Aurus Senat.

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Biden’s Rolling ‘Beast’

Biden’s choice of ride is a $1.5 million Cadillac limousine, known as ‘Cadillac One’ or ‘The Beast’. Developed by General Motors, the nine-ton limo has been in service of US Presidents for years.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, The Beast comes with night vision cameras, tear gas cannons, an advanced communication system, a secure oxygen system, and an automatic fire extinguishing system among other specifics.

There is even an emergency supply of the President’s blood.

The armored vehicle has three-inch thick and five-layered glass windows for protection against bullets. The body of the car is a combination of steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramic with an eight-inches thick armor to prevent bombs and bullets.

US President’s vehicle, Cadillac One, nicknamed The Beast.

Each door weighs as much as the door of a Boeing 757 aircraft and the cracks, considered a weak point in cars, are fully sealed for protection against chemical and biological attacks.

The tires are puncture-free and pneumatic “run-flat” that allows the car to move on even deflated tires. The fuel tank is designed with anti-blast technology, covered with a special foam to prevent fire during an explosion.

Separated from the driver’s cabin by a glass shield, only the President has control over lowering the partition with a flick of a switch.

The Eurasian Times earlier reported how the Beast limo carrying former President Obama broke down in Mumbai due to “overheating”.

Biden recently displayed interest in a battery-powered Presidential motorcade. An electric Beast is sure to spin some heads in the automotive industry.

Putin’s ‘Palace on Wheels’

The Russian President’s custom-built luxury limousine is an Aurus Senat model, manufactured by Russian luxury brand Aurus Motors, which is run by Russia’s Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engine Institute, known as NAMI.

Lighter than the Beast, Putin’s limo is a Rolls Royce lookalike capable of protecting the President even when submerged underwater.

The limo is powered by a 4.4-liter V8 hybrid engine and the occupants can see the live footage with the help of an advanced real-time CCTV system attached behind the driver’s cabin.

Russian President travels in an Aurus Senat.

The body is equipped with a fireproof, bombproof and bullet-proof defense system along with protection against sniper fire. Other technical specifications remain undisclosed.

As part of the President’s motorcade since 2018, the Aurus is seen as an heir to the armored cars made by ZiL that transported Soviet leaders during the Cold War years.

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A version of the Aurus model was put on display at International Defence Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi in 2019 to attract wealthy Arab clients and make inroads into the Middle Eastern market.

UAE’s Tawazun Economic Council that is responsible for developing the country’s defense industry has invested close to Dh 460 million ($125 million) in Aurus, as reported by The National, Abu Dhabi-based English daily.

“The specialty of this design is that the vehicle was constructed from the very beginning as an armored car,” said Franz Gerhard Hilgert, the chief executive of Aurus.

Russia has recently begun commercial production of Aurus Senat luxury sedans and luxury limousines. The civilian model is reportedly priced at 18 million roubles ($245,000).

The “only luxury car” in the world previously designed as an armored vehicle, the limo provides VR8/VR1O level of ballistic protection which is recognized as an international standard of safety, as per its website.