China and India Dominate the List of Best Business Schools in Asia

Which are the Best Business Schools in Asia? Asian Business Schools have always been a top choice for determined MBA aspirants. Furthermore, Business Schools in Asia hold an international reputation for being the best platforms that are stepping stones to success. So which are the Business Schools in Asia and the World?

As all MBA aspirants are gearing up for the admission season, world known research organisations have done their bit to release the list of top 50 B-Schools in the world. And what doesn’t come as a big surprise is the dominance of the list that is held by the B-Schools in the United States. Asia, on the other hand, has also shown its presence with China taking the cake with the maximum number of high-ranking B-Schools in Asia.

Best Business Schools in the World (Top 10)

1    Stanford Graduate School of Business (US) 
2    Insead (France/ Singapore)
3    University of Pensylvania: Wharton (US)
4    London Business School (UK)
5    Harvard Business School (US)
6    University of Chicago: Booth (US)
7    Columbia Business School (US)
8    CEIBS (China)
9    MIT Sloan (US)
10   University of California at Berkeley: Haas (US)

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What most students question these days is whether opt for the one year programme or the traditional two-year programme. Well, the answer for the same can also be found in the rankings of the Top Ten B-Schools which include nine business schools that provide the traditional two-year programme, while only Business School i.e. Insead (France/Singapore) providing one year programme.

The ranking by FT finds its basis in the survey conducted of business schools and their alumni, three years after completing the MBA Program. A total of 155 B-Schools participated in the rankings from which the top hundred were selected.

China Leads The Asian B-Schools List in Top 50 B-Schools

Asian Business Schools this year have also made their mark in the top 100 b-schools with 15 institutions in the top fifty. The only Asian nations to feature in the top 50 Business School Rankings are China, with the highest percentage, followed by India, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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The only other nation in the top 100 is South Korea with its Sungkyunkwan University GSB, at number 51. Apart from Insead (France/Singapore), China’s CEIBS is the only Business School in Asia to be a part of the Top 10 B-Schools, ranked at number 8. The other Asian B-Schools in the top 50 are:

Best Business Schools in Asia

  • CEIBS (China), number 8
  • HKUST Business School (Hong Kong), number 14
  • National University of Singapore Business School (Singapore), number 18
  • Nanyang Business School (Singapore), number 22
  • Indian School of Business (India), number 28
  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (India), number 31
  • University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), number 33
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai China (China), number 34
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (India), number 35
  • Remin University of China School of Business (China), number 3
  • Fudan University School of Management (China), number 42
  • CUHK Business School (Hong Kong), number 43
  • Singapore Management University: Lee Kong Chian (Singapore), number 49

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With 15 Asian Business Schools making it to the Top 50 it comes as no surprise that Asia is considered as one of the best places to pursue an MBA as well as other educational degrees. Business Schools in Asia have made a global impression with the best of research resources, advanced infrastructure, student placements, expert staff and administration and many other factors that make an institute reach that level of excellence.

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