China Blasts Twitter For Blocking Over 170,000 Chinese ‘State-Linked’ Accounts

Chinese state media has lambasted social networking site Twitter over its biased policies towards China. Twitter recently announced that it blocked over 170,000 accounts that are “state-linked” and “spread geopolitical narratives favourable to the Communist Party of China.”

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The Global Times asks in its editorial – What is “state-linked?” What are “geopolitical narratives favourable to the Communist Party of China?” These terms are created by Twitter based on US interests.

GT says that the accounts suspended by Twitter mainly tweeted news about Hong Kong and the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as the tweets were primarily posted in Chinese, most of which obviously don’t belong to what the US claims are China’s “propaganda campaign.” These accounts were more likely run by ordinary Chinese who don’t understand English well or overseas Chinese.

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Many people in China are annoyed with the public opinion assault the US and the West have launched against China. GT says that they willingly opened social accounts on Twitter and Facebook to express their views.

Most common Chinese share similar views with Beijing on Hong Kong affairs and the COVID-19 epidemic. Should they be blamed? Should their right to express on social media sites be blocked?

Those who like to express their beliefs on social media have a clear political stance – not only those who support the Chinese government but also “yellow ribbons” in Hong Kong and supporters of Hong Kong’s protests outside the city. Don’t those yelling to hold China answerable or demanding China pay for the COVID-19 epidemic in the US act out of their stand?

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Hostile views against China have dominated Twitter. A majority of Twitter accounts to great degrees tweet hostile opinions about China. As a platform, Twitter needs voices that are against the anti-China content to secure a “balance.”

Twitter has expelled 170,000 accounts that reflect the voices of China, a further step to push the company in the direction of hostility toward China. This shows its biasedness towards being a neutral social media platform.

Twitter can only secure its balance in the US when it has not only Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and Marco Rubio but also Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. Trump and Biden often tweet against each other or understand the same thing differently. Can Twitter determine who tells lies, GT asks.

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The US and China have different political systems. The Chinese used to believe the US has greater freedom of speech. But we are appalled that voices from China have been frequently crushed on US social media platforms.

With the China-US rivalry increasing and Washington taking all possible actions to protect its interests, the American image as a nation with democracy and freedom of speech has been destroyed, says GT.

The US is a nation whose words don’t match its deeds and has double standards. Its hegemony is combined with hooliganism. Its human rights notion is hypocritical and grotesque.

For instance, the US does not regard the over 2 million COVID-19 infections and more than 110,000 deaths as an issue of human rights, while it takes punishing an agitator for fomenting subversion in developing nations as the biggest human rights abuse.

Via: Global Times