Beijing Blasts Indian Media For Worsening India-China Ties, Triggering A Dangerous War

China and Pakistan have consistently accused the Indian media of provoking tensions in the region and spreading false information. Chinese state media  – The Global Times has now blamed Indian media outlets for spreading ‘fake news’ which could trigger dangerous conflicts in the region.

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Recently, the Global Times says that fake news reports had been circulating which claimed that Taiwan shot down a Su-35 fighter jet of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) which was widely shared, liked, and commented on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.

Rejecting the false news – Taiwan’s “Defense Ministry” quickly issued a statement and rejected the claims of Indian media and netizens. GT writes that the news report was first published by News Line and later bigger media outlets including ABP News and Times Now, quickly joined in to spread fake news.


The Indian media made baseless speculations and published fake news based on a video circulating on social media, which could have triggered misjudgments across the Taiwan Straits and created a dangerous situation.

The incident has truly revealed Indian media’s rumormongering inclination and their wish for a turbulent cross-Straits situation, writes the GT.

Against the backdrop of the China-India border clash in the eastern Ladakh, Indian media is keen to stir trouble against China and thus, they spread rumors to drive a wedge between the mainland and Taiwan, hoping to entangle the cross-Straits situation in a mess.

GT writes that Taiwan’s “Defense Ministry” was quick to react and strongly condemned “this malicious act” in both the Chinese and English statements.

GT goes on to claim that Taiwan is well aware of the consequences of misinterpretation which could easily be caused by misleading information. The situation across the Taiwan Straits is highly tense, and there is an extraordinary likelihood of unwanted military conflicts being sparked in the region.

GT also blames the Indian media for significantly damaging China-India relations, as well as New Delhi’s worsening relations with other neighbors. Indian media must be checked in if the country truly wants to improve relations with its neighboring countries, the Chinese state media concluded.