Barcelona Terrorist Attacks: Casualties From 18 Countries

Barcelona Terrorist Attacks was a cowardly act carried out by ISIS terrorists. A total of at least 13 people were killed and more than 100 wounded in a terrorist attack in Barcelona on the August 17th. These victims were from 18 countries, according to data released by the Spanish Citizens Protection Agency (SCPA). Casualties include nationals from Spain, Argentina, China, Cuba, Australia, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Peru, Romania, Ireland, Italy, Venezuela, Macedonia and Costa Rica, and Greece.

Who was Behind the Barcelona Terrorist Attacks?

The driver of the van that drove the people in Barcelona was liquidated during the operation in Cambrils on the night from Thursday to Friday. This was reported by the TV channel 24 Oras. According to him, among the murdered terrorists is also Musa Ukabir, who was previously called the key suspect in this case.

In turn, the Catalan police after the appearance in the media of this information clarified: “We continue to work to identify the driver of the van, which yesterday launched an attack in Barcelona” On August 17th, in the tourist street of Rambla in Barcelona, the driver of the van made a deliberate attack on the passersby. Four people were detained as part of the investigation into the terrorist attack. Responsibility for the attack was assumed by the terrorist group “Islamic State” or ISIS.

Subsequently, the Catalonia police annihilated four terrorists in Cambrils in the south of the autonomy and wounded another one, and he later died. The terrorists tried to carry out a terrorist attack similar to the one that was committed in Barcelona.

Barcelona Terrorist Attacks: World Condemns

King Philip VI of Spain is confident in the solidarity of the whole country with the inhabitants of Barcelona. “These murderers and criminals will not be able to intimidate us, the whole of Spain is now with Barcelona.” Rambla will be reopened for all, “the report said.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rahoy said that the whole country is now mentally with the victims during the terrorist attack. “Terrorists will never defeat a single people who love freedom, not barbarism.” All of Spain is now with the victims and their families, “the prime minister wrote. Rahoy said that now he is going to Barcelona.

European Council President Donald Tusk said that the EU is ready to give full support to Spain in the fight against terrorism. “Europe stands shoulder to shoulder with Barcelona, our thoughts today with the victims of the attack and all those affected, we will give full support to Spain,” said the head of the European Council.


The terrorist attack in Barcelona against innocent people deserves a sharp condemnation, the OSCE must get rid of disagreements and give a single rebuff to terrorism. This was stated on Thursday by OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurtz and Secretary General of the Organization Thomas Greminger.

“The terrorist attack on the busy and popular street in Barcelona is an attack on all of us and our way of life.” The targeted attack on civilians proves once again that the perpetrators completely disregard human life, “Kurtz said in a statement that the press service.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expressed his support to the families and friends of the victims. “I condemn the horrific attack in Barcelona My thoughts are with all those who suffered there we -. Together with Spain in the fight against terrorism,” – NATO Secretary General said.

On Barcelona Terrorist Attacks, US President Donald Trump said that the United States condemns the terrorist attack in Barcelona and is ready to provide all necessary assistance. “The United States condemns the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain, and will do whatever it takes to help, be tough and strong, we love you,” Trump wrote. In his next entry, he proposed “to study what the United States General Pershing did with the terrorists caught.”

France & UK Expresses solidarity on Barcelona Terrorist Attacks

President of France Emmanuelle Macron expressed his condolences to Spain in connection with the terrorist attack in Barcelona. “I express my solidarity and condolences on behalf of France in connection with the victims of the tragic terrorist act in Barcelona, we remain united and reaffirm our determination to fight the fight against terrorism,” wrote Macron in his Twitter page.

Britain is on the side of Spain in the fight against terrorism. This was announced on Thursday by Theresa May, speaking with words of support to the victims of the terrorist attack in Barcelona. “My thoughts are with the victims of today’s terrible attack in Barcelona and the emergency services that responded to this incident.” The UK stands along with Spain against terror, “the British prime minister said.