Bangladesh Requests India, China To Ensure Safety of Rohingya Muslims

Bangladesh has asked India, China and other ASEAN nations to help in creating secure zones for Myanmar’s Rohingya Community. Bangladesh is committed to the protection of the Rohingya Muslims who are victims of Myanmar’s military atrocities.

Rohingya Muslims Start To Flee To Bangladesh as India Intensifies Deportation Process

During his visit to India, Bangladesh’s foreign minister, A.K. Abdul Momen notified officials about Dhaka’s stand on Rohingya issues. The diplomatic sources revealed details of talks by saying, “The Minister had asked for a safe haven for the Rohingya in Myanmar that should be watched by the ASEAN, India, and China.”

After becoming Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister Momen expressed his concern over Myanmar’s Rohingya for the first time in the month of January. As per media reports, He also shared the same notion with the Indian PM and External Affair Minister.

Bangladesh’s foreign minister stated that Bangladesh has taken a serious note of the  Rohingya refugees repatriation to Myanmar’s Rakhine region where a military massacre took the lives of millions of Rohingyas. Now, the repatriation is moving into the Chittagong region where Rohingyas are placed in temporary camps built by Bangladesh’s government in collaboration with the international community.

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