Bangladesh, Nepal Outperform Pakistan In Human Development Index – UN Report

Pakistan continues to fall behind in the list of countries with terrible human development index. Pakistan is now ranked at 152nd position – lower than even Nepal and Bangladesh according to a new report by the United Nations.

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The United Nations Human Development Report (HDR) 2019 has ranked Pakistan at 152 among 189 nations as compared to 151 last year. The Islamic Republic fared poorly as compared to other South Asian nations. India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives were ranked higher than Pakistan.

The Human Development Index forms part of the HDR 2019 is a research produced annually by the UNDP. This year’s report is titled ‘Beyond income, beyond averages, beyond today: Inequalities in Human Development in the 21st Century’.

In other South Asian countries, India ranked 129 on the index; Bangladesh 135, Sri Lanka 71, Maldives 104, Nepal 147, and Bhutan 134.

The inequality-adjusted human development was low in Pakistan compared with the regional average. The country significantly suffered because of inequality in health and education dimensions, according to the report.

Pakistan also performed poorly on the gender development index and its ranking was low compared with regional peers. In terms of gender inequality, the report stated that the labour force participation rate for women is 23.9% while that for men is 80.3%.

The report stated that as many as 38.3% of the country’s population was living in multidimensional poverty, while 12.9% was at risk of being pushed into the category. It defines the phenomenon of multidimensional poverty using the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) which assesses the nature and intensity of poverty at the individual level in education, health outcomes, and standard of living.

According to the report, 51.7% of the population is suffering from intense deprivation while 21.5% lives in “severe poverty”.