Australia’s Channel 9 Live Programming Goes Off Air, Hackers Suspected – Reports

Hackers are being blamed for an IT crash that brought down Australia’s Nine Network on Sunday morning, wiping out its morning live shows, Australia’s TV Blackbox television information website reported.

On Sunday morning, Chanel Nine was unable to air its live shows from its Sydney headquarters, reporting “technical issues.” The broadcaster has to air prerecorded programs. According to the latest statements, the network is still “responding to technical issues affecting live broadcasting” and hopes that its evening schedule, including a news bulletin, will proceed as normal.

Though the network describes the problem as “technical issues,” entertainment reporter Peter Ford tweeted, citing sources, that the breakdown is being investigated as a possible cyberattack.

The TV Blackbox website claims that security experts told the network “the attack is likely from Russia due to the sophistication of the hack.”

The alleged hackers reportedly sought to stop Monday’s episode of Under Investigation from going to air, as the program was meant to focus on the Russian leadership’s alleged use of chemical weapons against political opponents.

Russia has repeatedly refuted its involvement in both cyber and chemical attacks, recalling that it completed verified destruction of its chemical weapons stockpile in 2017.