Arunachal Pradesh Under Severe Threat From China: Breaking News

Why is Arunachal Pradesh under severe threat from China? The news of discharge of water from China is threatening to flood as much as 12 villages in Arunachal Pradesh. The villages in Arunachal Pradesh on the bank of river Siang fear being submerged by the discharge from China which is the highest in the last five decades.

The authorities in Arunachal Pradesh’s East Siang district have issued advisory warnings to the people of 12 villages to be in high alert. The situation has been described as being grim and the government needs to take immediate measures to prevent yet another state from flooding post the devastating Kerala floods.

Heavy Rains In Tibet The Reason For Heavy Discharge

Given heavy rainfall in Tibet, the Chinese government has informed the Indian government about the incremental discharge. Yarlung Zangbo is swelling and while the discharge on August 14 was 8070 cumecs, the latest discharge was 9020 cumec showing an increment of 950 cumecs. The authorities have however asked the people of the vulnerable villages to not panic.

Besides indulging with China over the issue, India must also ensure appropriate counter erosion measures. India must ask China to ensure the safety of people on the banks of river Siang. The discharge by China is unusual given the fact that it is the highest in the last 50 years and authorities in Arunachal Pradesh are closely monitoring the situation.

Floods in Kerala have already claimed more than 300 lives and have displaced tens of thousands of people. After the havoc in Kerala, Indian authorities certainly don’t want any other flooding situations in the country.

People living on the banks of river Siang are worried about the risks posed to their lives and their day to day activities due to the heavy discharge from China. The authorities have however asked people to not panic as the additional discharge can be managed well. Yet the authorities have asked people to be alert.

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