Armenia Should Have Nuked Azerbaijan & Turned Baku Into A Radioactive Wasteland – Media

An Armenian publication in the United States wrote an editorial that questioned why the Armenian Government did not use nuclear bombs again Azerbaijan and its invading forces backed by Turkey.

The OPED by Stepan Altounian called on the Armenian government to use any nuclear weapon available to turn the Azerbaijani capital Baku into a “wasteland for the next 5,000 years.”

“I, as probably all Armenians, was devastated but not necessarily surprised over the news that Armenia lost to the Azeris,” Altounian wrote, referring to Armenia’s Nov. 10 surrender to Azerbaijan in the conflict for the Nagorno-Karabakh region, also known as Upper Karabakh.


Intense fighting that erupted on Sept. 27 ended weeks later when Armenian occupiers retreated from territories internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan.

In the controversial piece, endorsed and published by the Armenian media group, Asbarez, Altounian asked “Where was the nuclear option?” at a time when governments and the UN are urging nuclear disarmament.

“Why not take the nuclear waste from Metzamor and manufacture dirty bombs?” he wrote.

“Please do not tell me about weapons of mass destruction when the Turks and Azeri used them against civilians without any repercussion from anyone,” he baselessly claimed.

“Two can play that game and we should. It will definitely make them think twice if we could turn Baku into a radioactive wasteland for the next 5,000 years.”

Charges that Turkey and Azerbaijan used banned weapons against Armenia have never been reported by UN agencies or independent media outlets.

Azerbaijan’s Consulate General in Los Angeles immediately slammed the Armenian news outlet and urged US law enforcement to start an investigation.

“Los Angeles-based Armenian Dashnak newspaper Asbarez publishes an article suggesting Armenian attacks on Baku, Azerbaijan turning it into a ‘radioactive wasteland for the next 5,000 years.’ We call on FBI & LAPD to investigate it,” it said in a statement.