Arab League Urges the US to Reverse Decision on Jerusalem

The Arab League called on the United States to withdraw the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, calling it as invalid, violating international law and contradicting the decisions of the UN Security Council. This was stated in the communique of the Arab League, adopted on Sunday following the emergency meeting of the foreign ministers of the Arab League countries, which was held in the capital of Egypt.

US Recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, Muslim World Upset

Arab League Condemns US Decision

“The US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is invalid, this is a dangerous violation of international law and resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council,” the communique notes. “Adhering to the resolutions of the UN Security Council,” the document says, “the foreign ministers of the Arab League reject any unilateral steps aimed at changing the internationally recognized status of Jerusalem.”  Proceeding from the changes in Washington’s policy, the Arab countries believe that “the United States self-isolated as a sponsor and mediator in the peace settlement process in the region,” the communiqué says. The Ministers called for the convening of an extraordinary meeting of Arab League at the highest level to consider the consequences of the US decision on Jerusalem. It must pass in Jordan, in the country that hosted the previous Arab League summit. At an extraordinary meeting of the League, it was decided to consider it open and hold the next meeting of the Foreign Ministers no later than a month to discuss the situation as it changes.

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The communique points to the desire of the Arab states to seek the adoption by the UN Security Council of a resolution that “confirmed the contradiction of the US decision to international law and the absence of any legal basis for this decision.”

The meeting of foreign ministers of the Arab League took place after the US President Donald Trump, speaking at the White House, said that it was time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of a Jewish state. The head of the US administration instructed the State Department to begin preparations for the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.