Amid Combating Pakistan Sponsored Terror, Is India Taking The ISIS Threat Lightly?

Having lost its bastions in Iraq and Syria, the ISIS for the first time has illustrated an intent to move out of West Asia. The dreaded militant organisation is now looming forward to recoup in India, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. This information has been rendered by Armed Conflict Location and Event Data (ACLED) which is a conflict monitoring and mapping body based out of the US. 

ISIS Being Shifted To Afghanistan To Target Central Asian Nations: Tajikistan President

Is India ready for the ISIS challenge?

Under the government of Narendra Modi, national security has always been a top agenda of governance. The narrative of national security centred around a strong nationalist sentiment has been one of the propelling powers for Narendra Modi to reclaim power.

While Indian forces and intelligence is constantly dealing with security threats from the Pakistan army and Pakistan sponsored terrorists, ISIS will be a new force to reckon and much harder to combat that Pakistan based terror groups.

Islamic State Underground But Will Inspire Other Terror Groups: German Intelligence Agency

ISIS is compensating the loss of power in Syria and Iraq with a global presence. This ambition of global presence is mainly about South Asia which is, by all means, a massive threat.

According to the ACLED, for the first time his year, the Islamic State has carried out more operations outside Western Asia than in it. Is India along with the rest of South Asia equipped enough to fight the ISIS? Can India alone uproot the ISIS threat when it took collaborative efforts from multiple nations to defeat the ISIS in western India?

The gruesome bombings in Sri Lanka on the eve of Easter was a part of early signs of a shift of focus from the ISIS. In his first video in 5 years just after the Sri Lanka bombings, ISIS chief Baghdadi focused on expanding operations to South Asia and Central Asia. Besides the above-mentioned nations, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Burkina Faso and Mali too are on the radar of the ISIS as it looks to shift bases.