Americans Now Have More Trust On Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Than Donald Trump – Poll

The response to COVID-19 pandemic by Trump administration has diminished the trust of both Americans and Canadians on the US government. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau meanwhile seems to have overwhelmed US President Donald Trump in ‘trust vote’, according to a new online poll.

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A web survey conducted by the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) and Leger, titled “Concerns about COVID-19” found that only 33% of Canadians having trust in the neighbours – the mightly Americans.

Ironically, a previous survey was undertaken in November, last year, with a similar question that led to a fairly higher vote of trust of 58%

While the Canadians trust Americans lesser now, the Americans now trust the Canadians even more than themselves. The study reveals that 71% of US citizens who took the survey said they trusted the Canadians compared with 67% who exhibited faith in their fellow US citizens.

The questions in the survey moved a step further as they asked about trusting the top leaders of their countries apart from fellow countrymen and neighbours.

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With the aforementioned responses, it is quite unsurprising to find that 51% of Americans said that they trusted Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau than their own President – Donald Trump, who got 38% of the trust votes.

The president of the Association for Canadian Studies, Jack Jedwab told media that “there was a big slide in trust when you analyse the answers from April to the pre-pandemic ones from November.” “You’re seeing a generalized reduction of trust in the United States,” he added.

The United States at present stands at about 1.2 million coronavirus cases with the loss of about 76 thousand lives due to the pandemic.

There were massive demonstrations by Americans against the lockdown which were reported from Michigan, Ohio, Utah, Washington, North Carolina and many other places. Thousands of people took to the streets ignoring the social distancing norms and shouted for liberty with banners of ‘set America free’ in the dire times of pandemic.

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The response in the survey could have been triggered by the fact as Canadians have been largely following strict precautionary measure which helped the country to restraint the COVID-19 pandemic and keep the social and economic bustle of the country, afloat.

Since the beginning, the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau has consistently taken the matter with extreme seriousness and provided a strong federal response encompassing multiple facilities to each strata of the Canadian society.

On the contrary, the US President undermined the pandemic in its early stages as an NYT report questions the response of the American President and asserts that “an investigation reveals the president was alerted about the potential of the COVID-19, but that internal divisions, lack of planning and his confidence in his own abilities led to an indecisive response.”