Hero or Loser – Iran Wrestler Alireza Karimi Concedes Against Israel Opponent?

Iranian Wrestler Alireza Karimi was sailing through in a wrestling match against his Russain opponent before he decided to lie down (as if he had endured an injury) before he was thrown around in the wrestling encounter at the Bydgoszcz World Championships in Poland. But why did Iranian Wrestler Alireza Karimi gave up the match from a winning position?

Why Iranian Wrestler Alireza Karimi Lost Match?

Even though the Iran Wrestler Alireza Karimi was not injured, the Iranian news outlets reported that the real problem why Athlete Alireza Karimi conceded the match was because his coach advised him to do so in-order to dodge facing an Israeli opponent in the next round.

In Iran’s obstinate doctrine, Israel is not recognized as a state, and the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, often refers to them as “a cancerous tumor.” Iranian athletes are prohibited to play with Israelis in any sport, and, if the situation is inevitable, then they are strictly asked to relinquish their matches (like in the case of Alireza Karimi)

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Alireza Karimi gets easily defeated by his opponent but after a couple of minutes his coach screams, “Alireza, lose.” The Iranian wrestler shakes his head and resumes to fight until his coach again yells at him. At that moment, Karimi throws in the towel, literally, and this was not the first time – he did the same thing in 2013.

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Later Alireza Karimi said that I was told that the Israeli wrestler defeated his American counterpart and that I must concede the match to evade encountering an Israeli opponent,” I have trained hard for many months and it was not easy for me to concede the match.” “I do accept that Israel is an oppressor and commits crimes, but would it not be oppression if our authorities undermine my hard work again, added Karimi.