Alcohol Poisoning Kills 100 Iranians Seeking Protection From Coronavirus: Reports

As per Bloomberg, more than a hundred Iranians have been killed from alcohol poisoning in recent weeks in the misguided assumption that industrial-grade ethanol and methanol will assist them to defend against the deadly coronavirus.

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In Fars province, 61 people have been killed, five times more than the number killed by the virus in that area, the Iranian Students News Agency reported. Across the Islamic Republic, more than 1,000 people have been hospitalized, Etemad reported.

The sale and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited among Muslim citizens in Iran. Under Iranian law, those who produce, buy or sell alcoholic beverages can be sentenced to jail and get lashed.

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Meanwhile, ‘Preventive measures by citizens to check the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) in the form of the use of counterfeit alcohol has again led to tragedy. This time, three people from Turkmenistan lost their lives who were residing in Istanbul, Turkey.

On March 14, three citizens of the Central Asian republic died of poisoning from fake vodka in the largest Turkish metropolis, the Turkish publication SonDakika reports today, March 18.

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Earlier, Kuwait announced a donation of $10 million to assist Tehran battle against the novel coronavirus, the Tasnim news agency reported. The announcement was made in a telephone call between Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Kuwait counterpart Sheikh Ahmad Nasser Al Sabah.

The Iranian news agency IRNA also reported that China, Turkey, Uzbekistan, the UAE, Germany, France, the UK, Japan, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Russia, WHO, and UNICEF have offered financial and material assistance to Iran in its battle against coronavirus pandemic.