Aiming at Pakistan, US, India Pledges To Take Action Against Terrorists

The US extended its strong support to India and pledged to work collectively against all regional and global threats. The United States asked Pakistan to punish those were involved in the Pulwama terror attack which killed more than 40 Indian CRFP troopers.

US, EU Concerned over Participation of Terrorists in Pakistan Elections

US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Robert Palladino said: “We have been in close communication with the government of India to express not only our condolences but our strong support for India as it confronts this terrorism”.

“We urge Pakistan to fully cooperate with the investigation into the attack and to punish anyone responsible,” US State Department Deputy Spokesperson added.

The United States extended its support for India’s right to self-defence against cross-border attacks. The ministry said the two NSAs pledged to work together against all regional and global threats, and “resolved to hold Pakistan to account for its obligations under UN resolutions”.
Pakistan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan Zahid Nasrullah said: “peace talks between the United States and Afghan Taliban would be affected if India resorted to violence against Pakistan”.

The US State Department’s comments come a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan – in an address to the nation – said Islamabad was willing to act upon ‘actionable intelligence’.

“I would like to make the Indian government an offer, If you have actionable evidence, share it with us. We will take action. Not because we are under pressure, but because it is our policy,” Imran said.

Pakistani PM suggested his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi saying, “Pakistan is a country that has suffered the most from terrorism, and we are willing to have a dialogue with India to eradicate terrorism in the region.”

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