AICTE Warns MBA, Engineering Colleges Against Sharing Faculty Members

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has issued a warning to MBA, Engineering and other technical colleges and institutions in India to refrain from the practice of “sharing faculty” with other institutes under the same parent organization or outside. The AICTE issued a warning to all approved institutions against this malpractice as it restricts the quality of education.

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The AICTE issued a notice against this malpractice and forewarned them that if found guilty, the colleges would be subjected to lose their ‘Extension Of Approval”(EOA) for the courses they offer. The council mentioned that the colleges will have to face disciplinary action or withdrawal of approvals if they are found adopting the practice.

There is a lack of clarity in the teacher’s appointment, according to experts. “For instance, AICTE mandates a 1:20 teacher-student ratio. It also says that colleges must have up to 25% of adjunct faculty. The council is yet to clarify if the 25% faculty is part of the mandated appointments.”

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This directly points out to the fact that the colleges might have shared their guest faculty which makes the whole issue a software oddity.

Prof V Sridhar, Former Vice-Chancellor of VTU mentioned the prospect that the autonomous colleges might have appointed the guest lecturers as permanent faculty. The Guest faculties are expected to serve as a member of faculty for some specific time during an academic year.

They’re highly specialized and are usually invited to teach in unaided colleges which offer a wide range of subjects. As per the AICTE rules, these guest lecturers can be shared. However, the drawback is many non-autonomous colleges appoint them as regular faculty to maintain the 1:20 ratio. When the guest faculty works elsewhere it gets notified to the AICTE.

Another reason pointed out by Prof Sridhar to the dilemma of appointing guest faculty as permanent is cost-cutting. “While a professor appointed as per the AICTE pay-scale gets a salary of more than Rs 1 lakh, a guest lecturer is paid just Rs 25,000.”