Agni 5 Missile Officially Ready to Be Inducted in the Indian Armed Forces

The first batch of India’s most dreaded missile, Agni 5 will soon be inducted into the Special Forces Group. Agni 5 Missile is India’s most potent Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) with a range of 5000 Km. The induction of Agni 5 Missile will bring China within the striking distance of India and hence establish a sense of superiority for India in the Asian continent. 
Official sources have confirmed that the first batch is all set to be inducted into the premier Strategic Forces Command. The Agni 5 Missile is also capable of carrying nuclear warheads, besides traditional warheads. As per the sources, user trials are being conducted at present before it is handed over to the Special Forces Command. Agni 5 is the most sophisticated missile systems ever to be inducted into India’s security forces.

China comes within India’s striking distance with Agni 5 Missile

This intercontinental ballistic missile will bring the major Chinese cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong within India’s striking range and there is every reason why China would be apprehensive of Indian capabilities. It was only last month that the Agni 5 was tested successfully. A series of pre-induction tests is ongoing right now. Not just China, but Pakistan too would be concerned about Agni 5 Missiles, given its long range and nuclear capabilities.

Agni 5 Missile puts India in an elite group

As of now only the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China and supposedly North Korea have intercontinental ballistic missiles. To be entering this elite group will be a matter of pride for India. As for now, Agni 4 Missile is the longest range missile of India with a range of about 3500 Km. India is also set to make a deal with Russia to obtain five S-400 air defence systems.