After Malaysia, India Looks To Cut Imports From Turkey Over Kashmir Criticism

After Malaysia, India is planning to cut imports from Turkey over interfering in the country’s internal policies. Earlier New Delhi banned palm oil imports from Malaysia after PM Mahathir Mohamad criticized India’s Kashmir policy.

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The Indian government is planning to cut imports of oil and steel products from Turkey, one of the officials told Reuters on Wednesday.  “Our government has not taken kindly the comments of Malaysia and Turkey and we will restrict trade from both the countries,” the official said.

The Indian Commerce Ministry did not reply to an email seeking comment, Reuters said.  The Indian government abolished the contentious Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir which drew massive condemnations mainly from Pakistan, China and Turkey.

Over the Turkish criticism, Indian PM Modi Narendra Modi also suspended his official visit to Turkey last year after President Erdoğan’s acrimonious speech.

Earlier, Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL), a Ministry of Defence Enterprise suspended a contract with a consortium formed by five leading shipyards in Turkey for technical collaboration to construct five Fleet Support Ships worth a whopping $2.3B.

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Another reason for growing animosity between India and Turkey are due to Ankara’s burgeoning defence relations with Islamabad.  Turkey is also against the blacklisting of Pakistan by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), while India has been aggressively lobbying to punish Pakistan for money laundering and terror financing.