After India, China Looks To Defuse Tensions With The Philippines

Chinese President Xi Jinping said he is willing to work with Rodrigo Duterte – the President of Philippine to boost ties between two nations which have been at odds for some time over territorial disputes. 

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“I attach great importance to the development of China-Philippines relations,” Xi said when exchanging toasting messages with Rodrigo Duterte to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between two nations.

Both China and the Philippines are at a crucial juncture for development, Xi emphasised in his message, remarking that the two nations share broad prospects for collaboration. Xi said China has compassion for the Philippines amid the COVID-19 pandemic and is ready to work with the country overcome the challenges together.

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China and the Philippines are good neighbours with a deep-rooted alliance, Xi said, stressing that over the past 45 years of diplomatic ties, China-Philippines ties have made extraordinary advancement.

In recent years, in particular, Xi said, the two nations have expanded their political trust, consistently increased collaboration in various fields, and accomplished prolific results in Belt and Road partnership, bringing tangible benefits to everyone.

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Meanwhile, Rodrigo Duterte said the friendship between the Philippine and Chinese people have been lasting for a thousand years. Since the commencement of diplomatic ties in 1975, the bond between the two nations has progressed steadily.

Currently, global stability encounters massive challenges with non-traditional security threats like coronavirus, however, it is of great value to further consolidate Philippines-China partnership.

Duterte said the Philippine side takes China as a close neighbour and an essential partner and is ready to intensify strategic partnership to promote peace, development and prosperity while upholding the principle of peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial association.

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Earlier, as EurAsian Times reported, the troubled relationship between India and China has been easing as the Chinese soldiers have started withdrawing from the Galwan area of eastern Ladakh where the two sides were locked in a bitter standoff since the last few weeks.

“We have also reciprocated and moved back our troops,” said a top Indian government official. “Status quo ante has been restored at three standoff locations. The process is on at the fourth,” the official added.