After Bollywood Actresses, Pakistani ISI Using Religious Gurus To Lure Indian Soldiers

Honey-Trapping of Indian soldiers by Pakistani spy agency – ISI has become a national concern in India. The ISI has used attractive young women and even fake profiles of Bollywood actresses who “like” and comment on soldiers’ social media photos and gradually ply them for more information under the pretence of flirting and developing a “relationship.” 

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As the dialogue moves into private messages, “intimate” videos and photos are exchanged, and the women – who eventually turns out to be ISI operative – can then blackmail soldiers into revealing confidential information.

The Indian Army announced a nationwide crackdown on social media “honey-traps” in January, and military intelligence has been conducting spot-checks of soldiers’ phones and laptops ever since, warning them not to post any photos or share any material containing sensitive military information.

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The Pakistan ISI has now reportedly used a new technique to lure Indian army soldiers via spiritual leaders or Gurus as they are referred to in India. “Babas and spiritual ideas are a new way to trap jawans,” Indian Army officials say.

The Army has asked everyone not to divulge sensitive information on social media and be cautious about honey trap attempts. Many Pakistan-based social media operatives take disguise as a Person of Indian Origin and identify themselves with some pseudo names and extract details.

There have been many cases of ISI operative luring  Indian Army soldiers. Recently, a soldier was arrested for passing information on troop movements to a Pakistani spy on Facebook and WhatsApp.

The 26-year-old havildar, posted in an infantry battalion at Mhow in Madhya Pradesh, was reportedly cajoled into sharing information with a Pakistani woman whose profile stated that she was an international journalist.

As they chatted back and forth “regularly” on Facebook and WhatsApp, he began providing her with sensitive information on military movements, eventually even receiving assignments regarding what information to provide and digging his network of Army contacts in order to satisfy his curious pen pal.