Indian Man In Trouble Over FB Post Claiming Suicide Spitter Could Kill More People Than A Bomber

An Indian-origin person in Abu Dhabi, UAE could face legal actions after being charged with insulting Islam and hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims.

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According to reports in Gulf News, the Indian-origin person could face legal action over his Islamophobic post on social media which uses graphic images to show how a “coronavirus suicide spitter” could “cause 2,000 deaths compared to 20 by a suicide bomber.”

Mitesh’s post has sparked outrage on social media with many netizens asking for his prompt dismissal and arrest.

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The company’s legal representative, where Mitesh was working, said they have initiated an inquiry into the matter. “We are examining the case. Strict legal action according to the UAE laws will be taken against the person if found guilty. He will be sacked. We have a zero-tolerance policy,” the company’s legal representative said.

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Earlier, Gulf News reported that an Indian job seeker was asked to go to Pakistan by another Indian-origin employer in the UAE. Shamshad Alam, 42, from Maharashtra, India, told Gulf News he had barely shared his CV when he was told to back saying ‘Go back to Pakistan’.

“I am aghast. How can someone be so inconsiderate?” said Alam. “When I confronted him, he abused me and warned to report me to police,” added Alam who filed a complaint with Dubai Police. The WhatsApp exchange between Alam and Bhandari has also gone viral on social media.

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