Indian Police Arrest People Selling Uranium – Used in Nuclear Projects

The Kolkata police in Indian have seized 1kg of Uranium over the weekend, as reported by TOI.  Five men were arrested by the Kolkata police who were allegedly trying to sell Uranium, worth around $ INR 30 million in the black market. The police have sent the seized packets of the ‘yellow substance’ and have sent it for forensic investigations. 

Not just uranium but the Kolkata Police also claimed to have seized forged recruitment letters of the forest department as well fake mark sheets. The accused were identified as Javed Miandad, SK Mughal, Shahjahan Mondal, Younis Biswas and Basant Sinha. The police informed that the 5 accused men had assembled in Dalhousie and then planned to sell the seized substance.

A former scientist from the DRDO ( Defence Research and Development Organisation), told news X about the different grades of Uranium. He differentiated between the different grades of Uranium which are used in the development of nuclear energy or the production of weapons. He explained that even low grade can be used as a destructive toxin.

He further said that Uranium is a highly controlled substance and is not used in medicine but the ion exchange resin is not. He said that the ion exchange resin is used in the enrichment of Uranium the ion exchange resin which is suspected to be present in these seized packets has an affinity towards Uranium. According to him, the ion exchange resin has multiple uses in the industries for water purification.

Several radioactive substances are used in the treatment of cancer, however, uranium isn’t really used for the treatment of cancer. Uranium is primarily used for making atomic bombs by enriching one of its two isotopes. Uranium exists in two isotopes namely, U-235 and U-238. Now what comes out in the forensic investigation of the seized packets remains to be seen.

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