49 Mirage-2000 Fighter Jets Need Urgent Renovation: Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force’s 49 Mirage-2000 fighter jets need a complete renovation assisted with modern technology. Indian Air Force’s seven Mirage 2000 aircraft have undergone restoration with the help of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, while 42 aircraft are waiting for renovation. 

Indian Air Force Set To Deploy ASRAAM-Armed SU-30 MKI Fighter Jets

The HAL manufactured, Kiran aircraft is used by trainees at the Hakimpet Air Force training station. There has been at least one crash a year of this aircraft. Last year, an IAF HJT-16 Kiran-Mk2 that took off from Hakimpet on a training mission crashed at Bahupeta in Yadadri district. The pilot who was under Stage-2 training ejected in time and escaped with minor injuries.

In 2017, Another Kiran aircraft crashed near Siddipet, 50 km from Hakimpet. The woman pilot ejected safely though she sustained injuries. “Technical defects and human error are the main causes of the accidents. The IAF inventory is a mix of old and new generation aircraft. Ageing of equipment is a natural process and is dealt with through proper maintenance, upgrades, and acquisition of new platforms,” a senior IAF officer said.

“All existing fleets have a residual life for operational utilisation and every aircraft which is launched is fully airworthy”, the IAF officer added. He also said that phasing out or upgrading or modernisation of military aircraft depends upon the national security, threat perception, objectives and operational requirements of the forces and is evaluated by the Government from time to time.

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