47 Dead, Hundreds Injured in China Chemical Plant Blast

China Chemical Plant Blast: At least 47 people were killed and hundreds injured in an explosion that rocked a chemical plant in Yancheng, a city in eastern China’s Jiangsu province, city mayor Cao Lubao said at a news conference aired by many Chinese media on Friday.

A total of 32 people are in critical condition, 58 were seriously injured. The number of people who were slightly wounded is yet unknown. The injured were rushed to 16 hospitals.

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The rescue and recovery effort involves 192 fire crews and over 930 servicemen. Heavy equipment for debris removal arrived in the area from 12 nearby cities.

The powerful explosion rocked an industrial park in the city on Thursday afternoon, local time. Initial reports said six people were killed and 30 injured. The explosion was so powerful that it shattered windows within the 5-km zone around the plant and was recorded as a magnitude-3 earthquake by the national seismological center.

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