30 Years In Exile: Time For Kashmiri Pandits To Wake-Up & Reclaim Their Holy-Land

19th January 2020 marks the 30th year in exile for Kashmir Pandits and still, there is no sign of return. The time has come for Kashmir Pandits to raise not only their voices but also the arms and seek active support from Hindus from across the country and snatch-back what was rightly theirs.

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Take a look at the people of Iran who stringently retaliate to every American attack, even though they are much feeble than their opponents. Iraqis, continue to brutally counter the American led coalition forces, who have captured their motherland.

Their mighty forces still cannot dare to breathe a sigh of relief, even though they have annexed their nation. We must appreciate the sheer determination of these people, who dare to lay their lives to evacuate their motherland from the jaws of foreigners. That’s Devotion

Kashmiri Pandits very often get nostalgic about their motherland, and with an emotional outburst mumble “dam to those bastards”. A patriotic pandit does not have the courage to go back! Recollecting the memories discourages them profoundly, but tries to overcome them, with a deep breath.

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The hatred and fury against those Islamic radicals still exists, but prefer to keep it suppressed. Let them go to hell is what they qualm while trying to overcome the bitter memories and get on with their regular life. That’s Apathy

The volcano of anger in their hearts needs to erupt. They cannot wait for things to happen, they have to make things happen with their struggle and efforts. KP’s must reunite and solidify as one, and not forget the genocide of the Hindu community, which ultimately led to the exodus of the remaining ones.

People of Vietnam fought their hearts out and made the Americans flee their homeland, through innovative guerilla fighting. The wounds of that war are still licked by the “invincible” Americans. The Afghans fought the deadly Soviet forces till the last drop of blood in their vein and managed to drag them out of their motherland. That’s Patriotism!

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They all had one single motive, to free their motherland from the clutches of invaders. KP’s must derive some inspiration from these gritty people, who are always ready to lay their lives for their nation. On the contrary, the Kashmiri Pandits preferred to abandon and evacuate their motherland, rather than evacuating the invaders. That Cowardness!

They turned our dreams into nightmares, slaughtered us like cattle’s, drilled our eyes, burned us alive, reduced our homes to ashes, molested our female population and we remained silent. That’s Shameful

Is Kashmiri Pandit a coward or too forward to protect his own community and motherland. Maybe Pandits were never warriors or were strong adherents of Mahatma Gandhi who believed, “if someone smashes one side of your face, offer him the second one”. That’s exactly what they did and that’s precisely what happened to them. That’s Deserving!

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Barking dogs seldom bite, but the KP’s are even worse than dogs, who have even stopped raising their voices and legitimate demand for justice. Maybe the Pandits believed in “Jaan Hain Toh Jahaan Hain”. For them, their lives had the utmost priority than their motherland. That’s absolutely fine, then the KP’s must continue as internet warriors and hope for a miracle to happen one day, probably someday.

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Do Pandits deserve to get their Kashmir back? Even though they abandoned it, but its memories don’t seem to fade away! The bitter fact still remains that Kashmiri Pandits were never determined and united to reclaim what was rightly theirs and preferred to take a flight, than fight. That’s a Kashmir Pandit!

OpEd By A Kashmir Pandit In Exile. Views Personal.