200,000 Muslim Children Disappeared From Uttarakhand Overnight: Another Smear Campaign Or Truth?

A news is getting viral on WhatsApp and Social media in India which EurAsian Times has access to. The news claims that Former Vice President Hamid Ansari has said that there is a feeling of restlessness and insecurity among the Muslims of the country.

A piece of very sensational news has just been proved that why insecurity is developing in people like Hamid Ansari claims the viral report.

The viral report claims that – it is reported that about 2 lakh Muslim children studying in madrasas in Uttarakhand have disappeared overnight. After knowing the truth, the ground will be slipped under your feet.

In fact, for the last several decades, children studying in madrasas were being given scholarships from the government exchequer every month. But as soon as the Uttarakhand government asked the bank accounts of these children to be linked with the Aadhaar card number, 1 lakh 95 thousand 360 children went missing simultaneously. So far, the government was distributing scholarships worth Rs. 14.5 crore every year in the name of these missing students. Which has now reduced to only 2 crores.

Know what the whole truth…

Actually, these children never disappeared, on the basis of false names of children, money was being taken from the government by madrasas. If there was a Congress government, then obviously the loot would have been distributed from the bottom to the top, otherwise, how could it happen that the Congress government did not even get the inkling of this scam and the BJP found out as soon as it came.

So why are Muslims insecure?

This is the case of Uttarakhand alone, now you can understand by yourself that when Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji asked Madrasas to get their registration done in Uttar Pradesh, why so much uproar was created. This has proved why Muslims feel insecure after the BJP government came to power.

Till 2014-15, 2,21,800 Muslim students were getting government scholarship in Uttarakhand. Their number fell to only 26,440 as soon as they were linked to the base. That is, the number of Muslim students has reduced by about 88 per cent.

This is the scholarship that is given to the students of BPL i.e. very poor families. The government also brought provisions for students who do not have Aadhaar. Such students are also getting the benefit of scholarship, but for this, they need to get verification from the District Magistrate. But how to verify, when they are not students at all.

Fake madrassas, fake students, and loot of government money!

Public money was being looted for years on the basis of fake names. This is nothing, and listen. Except for the students, here too many madrasas were running only on paper. In reality, there were no madrasas nor did any student study in them. By simply sending names of fake students, they were getting government funds comfortably.

The surprising thing is that out of 13 districts of Uttarakhand, not a single Muslim student came to take the scholarship. The maximum loot was going on in Haridwar, Udham Singh Nagar, Dehradun and Nainital districts.

More children than the population of the district?

Now listen more, in some districts till now the total number of Muslim students who were being given scholarships is not even the total population of those districts. The Congress was allowing all this to happen due to appeasement policy and you never know, even be getting its commission.

After the BJP government came in, the scandal started tightening on such scams, therefore, people like Hamid Ansari, Nasserudeen Shah, Shahrukh, Aamir Khan etc. started feeling insecure. However, now the district administration has been ordered to prepare the list of the culprits of this scam and take action against them. The robbery of the robbers of the madrasa has started, it is expected that they will be punished, as well as the money looted from them will also be recovered.

Much more is going on in Uttar Pradesh. The robbery of government money is being done there as well, and intelligence agencies have also warned that radical education is also being given to children in many madrasas. In view of such disturbances, Chief Minister Yogi Ji has made the registration of all madrasas mandatory. Many madrasas are running without registration in the state, no one has any idea about where the funds come from.

The government has no control over what is being taught in these madrasas. Whereas such students continue to get all the benefits under minority welfare schemes. Uttar Pradesh government spends Rs 4000 crores per year on about 800 madrasas operating in the state. But surprisingly a large part of it is going to the fake students’ pocket instead of reaching out to genuine students.

When we searched for this report, ET found that the original report was published by Times of India in 2017 under the headlines: 2L minority students ‘disappear’ from official records in U’khand.

EurAsian Times does not take any responsibility for the authenticity of this published ‘viral’ content and is only publishing it for the information of readers to make a comparison with the original TOI report.