2 Russian SU-34 Fighter Jets Collide Mid Air; Pilots Would Need To Compensate ?

Two Su-34 fighter jets collided during a routine training mission over the skies of Lipetsk region. Both the Su-34 pilots managed to land both planes, the Russian news agency reported. According to reports, the Su-34 fighter jets made contact with one another in the air due to a loss of visual contact.

Aircraft Su-34 Ladislav Karpov / TASS, archive

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The collision in the Lipetsk region of two Su-34 fighter jets was due to the fault of the pilots, now a special commission is being formed to ascertain the reason for the accident. The probe will determine the degree of fault of each crew (the crew of one Su-34 consists of a commander and a navigator).

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He added that the incident is assessed as a serious aviation incident. “One of the aircraft is damaged very severely and will be restored by industry. The second aircraft is damaged to a lesser extent, it may be restored at the airfield,” said the agency’s interlocutor, noting that “the pilots may have to compensate for the damages.”